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Can I do this with my OpenEVSE?

Hi, I just built and installed an OpenEVSE this past weekend.  I have been doing some reading on this website and on some of the emoncms forums... I am wanting to set up 2 things with my charger and I'm not sure if it's possible to do these or not.

1.  send me an email or text (text would be preferred) at a certain time of the day if the EVSE is not plugged in to the car.  This would be a reminder to plug it in before going to bed if it's not plugged in.

2.  I am on a flex rate electrical plan where electricity price is set at about 5 PM for the next day.  The price changes every hour.  I have the EVSE set to start charging every morning at 2AM, but sometime the power is cheaper at 1 AM or 3 AM.  It would be really cool if the schedule could change each day based on when the prices are.

Are either of these possible?  If so... how would I get started making these work?

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