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esp module does not keep setup after reboot

After programming my esp-07 module with latest 2.7.6 using esptool, everything looks perfect, I can setup wifi, add emoncms publish, add login security, etc. the only problem is when I reboot or cycle the power it looses all the setup and reverse to same settings as first boot. I must admit that I did not connect my openevse board to it yet. but it should not make a difference right? my module has a esp8266ex proc and 1 MB of flash.(1024k reported by openevse wifi) is it so different than huzzah? how to troubleshoot?

The Huzzah has 4MB of flash. It is likely there is not enough room to store the EEPROM data on the 1MB chip.

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thanks. it was difficult to find out how much flash huzzah has. sellers of esp modules does not really communicate about this. I've ordered an esp07s which should have 4MB. the reason of not using huzzah is to get an external antenna to get bigger wifi range. garage is often far from wifi AP.

got esp07s module to keep setup

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