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Development? Board Simulation

Is there any way to simulate the board without having one? 

Maybe is there any documentation on the MQTT topics the board posts? Maybe I could just simulate data coming from a fake device?

Pretty new to all of this, just trying to experiment. 

The WiFi Interface has a simulator which can simulate most RAPI data coming from the device. Take a look at the network interface in your browser when running the simulator:

We have a live version of the simulator up and running here:

I can't publish to an MQTT topic or issue any RAPI commands via the simulator as far as I can tell. It all just returns $NK

Would I have to create a c++ file with some bogus params to send to the same topics? Are there not any unit tests on this functionality I could maybe look at for reference?

Curious about this as well, does the simulator installation include an actual MQTT server that I could publish to?  Does it require any other installations to work, or just follow instructions in link below readme?

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