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Feature request: Ability to set charge options to the particular day vs just time.

It would be nice to be able to set the charge options down to the day.  In my area, my electricity rates are higher from 3pm to 8pm M-F.  

So the preference would be able to set it to go to sleep between 3-8pm M-F and awake (ready to charge) outside of those times and 24 hrs during the weekend.  

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To the OpenEVSE WiFi Software Developers & Contributors glynhudson, chris1howell, trystanlea, jeremypoulter, sandeen, lincomatic, and joverbee -

I also would like to see the addition of this feature.

I am in Phoenix, Arizona. The APS (Arizona Public Service) utility peak-demand hours are 3pm to 8pm on weekdays unless you are "grandfathered" into the EPR6 solar rate (12p to 7pm). Charging an EV during this time just once can cost $100+ in peak-demand charges. EV timers usually solve this problem, but I would like to see the ability to schedule Solar Diversion in openEVSE.

I hope to become a contributor to the firmware development of the WiFi system and implement/test any added features such as this. I am an Electrical Engineer (ASU, B.S.E., 2005) with software development experience.

Charles Whitlatch

Now that EV is ramping up, I second this feature request.  It will be nice to have the option to enable a schedule very similar to those on thermostats.  A schedule where one can specify the Start and End Time by day Ex (to reflect SDGE EV5 rate)  select M, Tu, W, Th, Fri - 12AM-6AM,   Sat, Sun 12AM-2PM.     


San Diego CA 

A daily schedule is already implemented in the latest firmware, we just need to finish up the web user interface. 

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