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wifi module cable Rx wire


I just got my 40A charger bundle and finished putting it together today.  I wired it up to 120V to try it out while I wait to have 240V run into my garage, and it's charging great!

The wifi module connected to the internet and would report the status (connected, charging, etc) but all the other data was stuck at 0, even though the LCD showed good data.  It was confusing because it got some data but not all data.

I dug around and found that the cable set I received was assembled wrong.  The Rx wire for the V4 board was in the wrong hole on the plug.  So the wifi module was getting data if it was sent un-asked for (and apparently when the state changes there is a serial print) but could not request the other data.

I lifted the little flap on the plug and moved the wire and all is good, just wanted to post a heads up in case anyone else has this trouble.

TLDR: move the yellow wire to the other side of the green wire.



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You are absolutely correct, the yellow wire should be on the other side of the green. We are sorry for the mistake and are glad you figured out the issue and are up and running.

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