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Questions about RAPI API


I have questions about RAPI commands.

I plan to build my own Wallbox based on openEVSE plus, with rolling blackout capabilities. To do so, i need to suspend/resume the ongoing charge session:

- if house_total_consumption > 80% max -> suspend the charge

- if house_total_consumption< 70% max -> resume the charge

Is there RAPI command like suspend/restart charge session ??

If not, it is possible to use the "ST" (set timer) command to stop the charge by setting the start time < current time ?

And, in the same flavour:

Does the "SC" (set current) command apply to the current charge session?

ie, it is possible to :

1- start the charge at 16A

2- set the current to 10A with "SC"

3- the charge continues at 10A without restarting



Finally, it seems that sending enable/disable (FD/FE) commands may be a better choice to suspend/resume.

But, I still have no answer for my second problem. I guess the new current capacity is applied immediately. I just want to be sure.


Correct, Enable/Disable is the same as suspend/resume and will do exactly what you would like.

It is possible to get down to 6A by changing the Level 2 Minimum in the source code to 6 instead of 10. Future releases of the firmware will have the minimum set to 6.


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