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skip missing?

I'm new to emoncms and not really sure what I'm looking at... so for example when i look at my feeds

and, say, click on the eyeball to view Amps, for example here is what my last charging session looks like. This didn't really make sense to me (the big slope)...


Checking out Temp (temp in the openEvse), i realize that by clicking on "skip missing" , it appear i have vast stretches of time where there is no data sent. hours. Yet whenever i look at the feeds, it says the data is never more than 30 seconds old.


Is my data really "missing"?

ok, so i still don't understand it fully, but my confusion only has to do with the way the graphs are presented. If i lower the "interval" and then "resend" i see a smooth(er) graph .... so the data is not missing.

It looks like your station is having trouble connecting to the WiFi network. Data should be sent every 30 seconds on the dot. It looks like there are long periods where data is not there.

I will check out your inputs and feeds.

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chris -- no, no worries. the data IS there, i just needed to change the "interval" on the feed graph.

p.s. i switched ~ 3 days ago to a raspberry pi i loaded up emoncms on. (so you wouldn't have seen it on data.openevse

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