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emoncms configuration guide (stupid new user question)

Hi all.  I've just built me OpenEVSE with Wifi kit, very pleasing, it worked a treat.

I'd now like to understand how emoncms works in order to watch what's going on.  I can see the default things that get setup when I create my device but I can't find a "configuration guide" for emoncms.  For instance, I would like to display real Watts by obtaining a voltage/current reading (sending GG), rather than obtaining a current reading and multiplying by 0.24.   Is it possible to do this (if so how) or would I need to set up my own server to make such mods?

OpenEVSE does not read voltage. However if you have another device like an Open Energy Monitor EmonPi you can use the voltage from it.

There are more guides for emoncms at

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When you say "OpenEVSE does not read voltage", which bit do you mean?  From what I can see here: 

...the OpenEVSE firmware includes an API to read current and voltage, so is it just that the default emoncms configuration doesn't support querying of that API?  Or have I misunderstood the OpenEVSE firmware API?

The OpenEVSE hardware does not contain the circuits required to take a live voltage reading. The firmware was built to allow this functionality in the future if the hardware is developed to read voltage.

Ah, got it, thanks.

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