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When does this punt to a Raspberry Pi Zero W?

I know I'm more than welcome to start my own fork of OpenEVSE Wifi for the Raspberry Pi Zero W, but I'm wondering if this is a move that ought to be made before the system starts running out of room on the ESP8266? The Pi just has SO many peripherals and spare IO's and a composite video out for crappy EBAY LCD screens :-) 

I thought about porting this over to the ESP32, and gave a half-hearted 20 minute try, but apparently there's issues with the security in the libraries, and I quote 

"All the SSL core was changed from ESP8266 (AxTLS) to ESP32 (MbedTLS), there is a lot of new features, and SHA1 fingerprinting was deprecated due security reasons (explanation here ) for now there is no fingerprinting support, but something with SHA256 or similar can be done in the future...

For now it supports certificates verification (like browsers do)"

This is way past my scope of knowledge, but it sure doesn't sound minor. Also, the serial ports are different on the ESP32, but I managed to get at least that part to compile with minor changes.

The only thing needed would be a level shifter on the Pi Zero W, which is included on the Huzzah, but would be a separate additional board/expense for the Pi. 

Another thing is the power supply. The 5V side of the OpenEVSE is off limits for powering a Pi, but maybe the 12V side through a buck converter could pull it off. Supposedly it only takes 230mA worst case scenario. I also don't see it as the end of the world if we want to put in another power supply for all these fancy features. 

Would anybody care to put their own two cents in on this topic?

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