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Changing to a new Wifi access point in 2.4.2

I think I found a bug in the 2.4.2 version of the wifi firmware. It goes like this -

I compiled, powered up, logged in to the OpenEVSE AP, picked the AP I wanted it to use, entered the password, and everything went great.  It logged in, and everything looked great. It got an IP, I could access it on the LAN. Great.

Then I took it to the garage. There's a different AP out there.  The ESP booted, found no AP, so it flipped to being it's OWN AP, as it should, I logged in to


It just wouldn't make a list, let alone populate it. I could click SCAN all I wanted, reboot it, you name it, It kept showing the name of the old AP but nothing in the list of available APs.

So I told it to go ahead and log in to the old AP, thinking that it would error out and maybe do something to fix itself, but that didn't fly. It just went back to being dumb.

The fix was to completely wipe the firmware and eeprom (since I couldn't get into the "factory reset" button) and then continue, business as usual, and of course it worked fine.

I don't know what's causing this, but it seems like a relatively simple fix, and definitely a very easy one to miss in development.  Additionally,  putting a factory reset button in the captive portal might not be the worst idea either. 

Has anybody else had this experience?


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This for reporting. I've been able to replicate the issue and open a github issue. We'll try and get this issue fixed ASAP:

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