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Significant WiFi Gateway FW Update (V2.4.1)

Hello everyone,

Sorry, I've not been particularly active on this forum. I am part of the team that runs OpenEnergyMonitor. We resell the OpenEVSE in UK / EU.

Together with Jeremy Poulter we've been working with Chris to develop the OpenEVSE WiFi gateway firmware. We have reached a stable release milestone. This is a substantial update from V1 FW adding lots of new features including a web UI interface and energy diversion capability. 

I have posted more about the update on out OpenEnergyMomintor forums:

Full instructions and documentation for the new firmware can be found on the GitHub repo:

Update from earlier beta versions of (V2.x.x) is highly recommended. Updating (even from V1) should be possible using the web-UI HTTP updater. See Github releases to download the latest FW:

If you wouldn't mind, please post all questions and issues relating to the new FW to the OpenEnergyMponitor forum, it's difficult to track discussions in too many different places! 

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