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ESP8266 stability problems with recent firmware updates?


I'm having some stability issues with my ESP8266, and although I haven't hooked the 'scope to the power rails, I can say that it seems like stability has gone far south in the past few months (not sure which versions I updated to, but the last time was 10/7/2017. I'm using, I've flushed out the flash completely, but it just seems to get in to a 60 second boot loop. It'll get an IP, and report it, and all seems fine, then it will apparently crash, and do it all over. 

Power is through a tiny buck converter from the 12V rail of the OpenEVSE, and the module is an Adafruit Huzzah, set up and installed as per the guide. 

Now, it's also been 110+ degrees in my garage over labor day, so I can't rule out degradation of the power supply, but I would like to know if anybody else is experiencing stability issues.


Hi Andy,

The code has been in heavy development the last couple of months. There are two likely causes, one may just be you caught the code on a bad day. Try loading the latest binary release 2.4.1 here:

The second could be corruption of the flash chip itself. I have had mixed sucess bringing chips back to life performing a erase using ESP tools.


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Hi Andrew, 

I can confirm V2.4.1 has fixed the stability issues. Very sorry for inconvenience.

Here's a bit more info about the V2.4.1 update, I've just posted a new topic on this forum (awaiting moderation). See my post on OpenEnergyMonitor forums:

I have bad news - I was running 2.4.1. Now I will admit that I've had some stability problems with the OpenEVSE itself since the early days, but I chocked it up to too much stuff on the 5V rail for that piddle 125mA power supply (and how much of that is going to that load resistor by the way?) so it took a few tries. BUT today I went to put the ESP8266 back on it to give it a try with a small capacitor on the 3.3V rail, and it just kind of... froze. So I power cycled my OpenEVSE, and now it's not booting. At all. Not with the little external buck converter pulled off, not with the LCD pulled off, nothing.  Whip out the old multimeter, and I get 11.95 on the 12V rail of the OpenEVSE, and 5.03 on the 5V, which are all well within tolerance.  Are there possibly brown-out fuses on the Atmel on the OpenEVSE that aren't programmed right? It *should* come up, right? 

My next step is to flash the latest firmware and make sure the fuses are set properly, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to tear that load resistor off the back of the OpenEVSE and hopefully the LCD will be enough draw to keep the power supply happy.  AND, barring that, I'm going to rip the power supply off the board and strap a 12V wall wart and that little buck converter for the 5V and wash my hands of this whole mess.  And if THAT doesn't work, I'm going to spin up a new board.  I'll keep you guys posted on my findings.

But since it was working an hour ago, I'm at a loss aside from a 110V cord (I'm not stranded by any stretch of the imagination) 


Here's my update and I'll keep it quick... Wifi firmware 2.4.1 still crashes in a loop, deal with this later, BUT I changed the extended fuse in the board def for the OpenEVSE to raise the brownout reset voltage to 4.3 - It was at 2.7 before, so it was just screwing up everything at power-up. 100% now.  I'll put this in the right thread. 


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