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New WiFi setup issues

As another user did, I was able to setup my wifi with no issues in the original new setup (from the ip) after connecting to my network I couldn't get back into the settings, even by disabling my router. I turned the router back on and the EVSE connected and displayed it's IP, then I was able to connect to it by going to that IP. I can see the "OpenEVSE" "System" and "Services" tab, I changed my user name and password. I can't find the device key and node setting. I'm not 100% sure they're correct in my EmonCMS settings now. My system tab shows 0 of 75 successful packets. Can't figure out what setting is wrong.

I'm having a similar problem. Neither EmonCMS or MQTT can publish anything. Anyone have any thoughts? I fresh flashed both the wifi firmware and the openevse firmware.

The most common issue with EmonCMS is not matching the node on the server/WiFi Client. If EmonCMS is set to "0" than the client also needs to be set to "0".

I have the node set correctly to 0. MQTT doesn’t work either, and that’s a local server I have running. Something is odd that besides the web GUI it doesn’t communicate through the network.

Are you running the latest release 2.4.1?

Yes and 4.8.0 on the openevse board. 


Lets work on EmonCMS first. Can you check that:

server is set to:

Node matches the setting on the server

Key matches the server

SSL Fingerprint is blank.

I will check the server side.

Yes and I'm using the Write API Key located under the My Account page.



Can you try the Device API key on the device page.?

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