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(re) configure wifi?

I had no trouble configuring wifi from it's factory-default state (it was brand new) to connect to my home's wifi.

I don't remember why, or what the screen looked like upon accessing , but at that time i did not enter a device access key; my recollection was the form didn't have a place for that info. At the time i assumed it would ask for that info later....

In any event it took the ssid/password just fine and connected to my LAN just fine and i can send RAPI commands and access the web interface to the unit.


So, i now would like to go back and get the "device access key" into my unit.

If i understand correctly, there's no way other than to prevent the unit from connecting to my wifi, and after a few tries the unit reverts back to something like its default state.

When I do that, I see the OpenEVSE_XXXXXXX just fine. I however couldn't connect to it (with the same win10 laptop i used previously), after trying for a minute or so the laptop reports that it can't connect.

So I reset the unit, and repeated with another laptop, this time macbook, it asked for password (openevse) and said it couldn't connect.

So I reset the unit, and repeated with another laptop, this time a chromebook, it asked for password (openevse) and said it couldn't connect.

When i turn my home's wifi back on, the unit remains happy, and connects up to it just fine.

Is there another procedure for re-configuring the wifi paramters?

You can (and should) configure the rest of the parameters while connected to your home network. In the web interface there should be a Services tab. The fields for energy monitoring are there for server, device key and node.

ah yes, i see this under services tab: (screenshot inserted, can everyone see that?); 

not sure what is what, though. in my account i do see something called "write api key" which i pasted in there. But then were does "Device access key" go, and in the screenshot below, node was pre-filled in as openevse.... should that be 0 ("zero"; assuming that's what i put in the devices page)?


(sorry if this is a duplicate post, i don't see what i thought i just posted?)

here's a screenshot of my services tab.

I'm not seeing how the fields line up, e.g. i don't see a place to put the device access key?

i do see my write-api key over on emoncms account so i pasted that in there and clicked save, the save button changed to "saved" but it still says "connected No"

The node was prefilled in as openevse, should that be 0?


The Node should be 0 to match the value on the server.

I would recommend removing the SSL fingerprint until you are up and running. It changes every 90 days.

it must have been the SSL stuff because once i emptied that box and clicked save, I immediately (within seconds) began to see that there were updates on the emoncms (internet) side of things. 

Then within a minute or two, the local side said "Connected: Yes   Successful posts: xx" on the services tab

Thanks for the help.

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