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Is Blynk the only app to check the status of charge?

Just wondering if anyone is working on an app that does the heavy lifting of communicating with the Arduino, making it a real competitor to the commercial products out there? Seems like a no brainer just not sure if it's coming out anytime soon?

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I wouldn't say I did heavy lifting, but I did adapt the Chat example of Cordovas BluetoothSerial plugin to make into a simple but usable RAPI client for my phone and Bluetooth enabled OpenEVSE.


Seems like it would be simple enough to add an interval and draw up a graph for charge current and temperature etc, but afaik the app would only work in the foreground so limited use. But I found it very convenient to be able to send simple commands from an app.

link to the plugin below. cordova and android sdk is needed to build it.

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