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MQTT client for OpenEVSE

I've coded an MQTT client for my OpenEVSE 50A Deluxe kit for the Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi Module.

If anyone is interested, please contact me.

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You can down load the code modules here:

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I corrected the links. Sorry!


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Just wanted to thank Greg for his work on the MQTT OpenEVSE client. I've been using it for a couple of months on a Sonoff switch (it has a 240V AC power supply onboard, not using the relay part), mosquitto  and Node-RED on RPi  sending the data to and OpenHAB. So far it has been working flawlessly.

And also thank you Chris and team for OpenEVSE.

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@greg is the link dead again?


For MQTT info see: I'm using MQTT to collect data from household sensors on a server which is why I wanted an MQTT client for my EVSE.

The code runs only on the HUZZAH. The EVSE code is unmodified. I use the RAPI feature of the EVSE.

I don't know how to put the code on GitHub, but I'll look into it.
I just restored it. And here is a zip file of the source.


(4.34 KB)

Hi Greg many thanks for this code, as Daniel i run it on a Sonoff TH.
Do you have any plans to support getting RASPI commands over mqtt and send them to the openEVSE? That would be really cool and allow many options like adjusting charge current to energy comming from the solar roof.

best regards


Thank you, Greg

Unfortunately I'm getting "File not found" error when I click on the links.

Thank you, It's all there now:)

This sounds interesting; I don't know much about MQTT.

So is the code you wrote executing on the Huzzah? Can you put it up on github?

Is the OpenEVSE firmware still stock (unmodified)? This matters to me because I may need to use the Wattzilla UL-listed version and it has fixed code.

MQTT support is now built into OpenEVSE Wifi gateway (ESP8266):

Thanks, Greg!

It looks like you are intending to share this code freely as "open source". Can you confirm this, and maybe add a copyright/license note into the source?

I would say your main choice is between a "forever open" license like the GPL which OpenEVSE uses ( ) vs a simpler  "do whatever you want" license like MIT license (

Appreciate your sharing,


Greg, this will be very helpful for getting information from OpenEVSE to a number of services. Thank you for doing it.

What will be the best way to get the code?

This code may be used freely. I have added the MIT license to the sketch. Here is the ZIP file.


(5.28 KB)
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