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Temperature Throttling Thresholds

I have been testing increased Temperature thresholds for a few months, I added 10C to each setting. I would like to purpose setting the default throttling to start at 62C. This plus the option to disable in the latest development releases would provide a better experience and still provide the safety of shutdown during abnormal events. And allow the user to disable when charging can be monitored.

Here is 5 days of data charging at 40A. Daily temperatures for the period were 100F. I did experience throttling to 50% on the first and last day, but I think that it was the appropriate time to limit. Fully charging was achieved both days. Charging at 32A or less has not caused any throttling even on days that were 110+.

Compelling evidence that higher temperature thresholds are safe with the OpenEVSE controller.  I'll make the changes before Monday most likely.

Great, I think the new values will improve the charging experience while still maintaining the added safety of throttling.

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