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Install in AZ sun

I have the EVSE installed in the sun outside where temps can reach well over 100F.However, the circuit trips every hour or so when I try to charge my car. I have also tried charging while the AC unit in the house is turned off and that had helped reduce the auto tripping but not 100%. I had used an electrician to install this for me and he had come out twice to check and problem is still there. I don't want to spend more money on the electrician, does anyone have any pointers that could help please?


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What is the size of the circuit breaker? Did your electrician set the charge rate of your EVSE at 80% of the breakers capacity as required by the National Electric Code for continuous loads?

50A Breaker EVSE set to 40A

40A Breaker EVSE set to 32A

30A Breaker EVSE set to 24A

20A Breaker EVSE set to 16A

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