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110V socket burnt, need electrician advice

Admins - I understand this may be a bit off-topic, but needed help badly from the community here. Please move this where necessary (general topics?)

I have Nissan Leaf and was using the standard charger. I do have an openevse but I am not using it because I wanted to upgrade firmware.

I woke up to garage lights not working. I reset the breaker, and I heard a straining sound at the breaker. I immediately turned off the breaker again (3 seconds). Kids saw a bright light in the meantime and I saw the image below [High res pic].

I am going to get an electrician to check this out, but do you think I need re-run the wiring for the whole garage or should just replacing the socket is good enough. I am concerned with safety and wanted to get thoughts from the experts here. I am a little freaked out.


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Have the electrician decide what is best for repair.  Glad it wasn't worse for you.  

Can't tell exactly but it looks like it uses the "push in" connections and not the screw terminals.    I have seen those burn before but never that bad.  In theory they are rated for full current but only if they are used correctly and often they aren't, especially if it wasn't installed by an electrician.

This was EVSE?  What did you have your max pilot current set for?  Not sure the math behind but there is probably a reason why the L1 chargers are set to 12 amps for the high setting.  Were you going beyond this?

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