Upgrades to data.openevse.com

The OpenEVSE Data site has been significantly upgraded over the last couple days. I apologize if there were brief periods where the site was not available.

Here is what is new:

SSL - Secure and Encrypted use https://data.openevse.com/emoncms/ 

New Virtual Server with the ability to increase Storage, CPU power and RAM at any time.

Latest EMONCMS version 9.2

New Device. Add a device with the node ID, select OpenEVSE and Inputs and feeds are created automatically

All the data was migrated successfully,

Dashboards may need to be tweaked a little in some cases by re-selecting the feed source.

Any update on the missing data from this Spring ?

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Unfortunately, the missing data is unrecoverable. The Primary Server had a error that prevented the backups from syncing to the Backup Server. The Backup was receiving and applying the (empty) updates successfully so it appeared everything was okay until the Primary crashed hard. I have rebuilt the primary server and am working on better scripts so this does not happen again. I will also post a guide soon on how to backup your own feeds so you may keep a local copy as well.

I may also move from virtual cloud servers to self hosted servers. I have purchased a few servers with lots of memory and disk space, I will build a development and production environment and evaluate wether self hosting or cloud is a better option.

Looks like the server is down.

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