Upgrades to data.openevse.com

The OpenEVSE Data site has been significantly upgraded over the last couple days. I apologize if there were brief periods where the site was not available.

Here is what is new:

SSL - Secure and Encrypted use https://data.openevse.com/emoncms/ 

New Virtual Server with the ability to increase Storage, CPU power and RAM at any time.

Latest EMONCMS version 9.2

New Device. Add a device with the node ID, select OpenEVSE and Inputs and feeds are created automatically

All the data was migrated successfully,

Dashboards may need to be tweaked a little in some cases by re-selecting the feed source.

Using the new Open EVSE WiFi module, 

1. What is this data steam OpenEVSE_VOLT mine returns -1 in the inputs screen.

2. I think this "OpenEVSE_AMP Current Measurement" data stream is actually power in Watt not current in Amp.

I just pushed an update to the ESP8266 code to use the Device key instead of the Global API key. This provides finer security as a specific device can only write to its own Node ID and can not read or write to other devices or resources.

To get a Device key 

Login to you account at  https://data.openevse.com/emoncms/

Click Setup >> Device Setup

Edit existing device (click pencil icon) or select "New Device"

Set node to desired value (0-9) and Type to OpenEVSE

Set Name and Location

Click Check mark

If you want to automatically setup inputs and feeds

Click the paper icon

Click "Initialize device"


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