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Dreaming of a sophisticated WiFi MCU Ti SimpleLine CC3200

14 minute video explains the two versions of the Ti WiFi MCU

Maybe a year from now we'll have...

Remember it was only about one year ago we began to include measurement of current during charging.  We've come a long way.  Where will we go in twelve months!

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Do you anticipate an upgrade path for a OpenEVSE 50 A bought today? (I saw the related project in git hub OpenEVSE_RAPI_WiFi_ESP8266 in C++ at this time I only know some C#...

How about the possibility to add a RFID reader?

OpenEVSE software and hardware engineering so far has kept a principle of protecting and enhancing the installed base of OpenEVSE users.  You probably cannot guess how many OpenEVSE systems are in use worldwide.  Go ahead, offer your guess for fun.

When I first wrote the dream of a new MPU as the Ti CC3200 it was more to spark conversation than anything else.  Yes we have been experimenting with the ESP8266 as a co-processor add-on to existing OpenEVSE designs.  That work is 100% compatible, consider it an add-on.

Do you have some concerns, any worries?

The 50A kit has a I2C, SPI and TTL Serial port so all kinds of devices can be added. The ESP8266 connects to the Serial port and is behind developed on the OpenEVSE v4 (50A kit).

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