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hardwired input cable?

 I don't have a garage (that isn't full of bikes and tools).  My electrician will only install outdoor charging stations as hardwired, and the OpenEVSE store will only sell charging units with a short, input cable with a plug on the end. 

Also this which means my 48 amp unit should be hardwired anyway (and OpenEVSE should be selling a hardwired option with various input cable lengths).

The electrician is already unsure about a "home-grown" device like this, so I'd rather not ask him to open it up to install his own cable.  Thus, I need to find a source for compatible outdoor-capable, round (to fit the gland) lead cable sold by the foot. 

Has anyone else had to do this, and where did you get the cable?


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 Never mind.  The electrician was willing to run a cable from the electrical panel to the OpenEVSE box and replace the plug-ended supply cable themselves.  I wish that had been explained as a normal thing.

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