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Resetting After Cutting Power

We recently painted the garage so I powered down the EVSE and removed it from the wall.  Following the paint job I reconnected the EVSE and flipped the circuit back to on.  The EVSE came to life and all looked right EXCEPT the current was defaulted to the minimum of 6 amps.  At that rate it would not begin charging my car.  When I used the GUI interface under Setup I could see that the max current was correctly set to 40 amps so this was a headscratcher.

The solution was to use the GUI to change the current from 40 amps to a different number -- in my case I used 32.  This forced the max current in the EVSE unit to change.  It began charging immediately.  Following this I reset it again to 40 amps and it took the new value just fine.

So if you kill the power to your EVSE be sure you manually reset the max current.

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Sounds similar to the issue reported here:

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