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Smart extension to a dumb charger

Hi all, I must use the dumb charger I got from the car leasing company to charge my EV, as the charger is sending consumption info via sigfox to issue a reimbursement. I would like, though, follow my excess PV production to load the car as soon as there is extra power and throttle down to follow the curve... typical openevse solution. My question is: can I build a junction box with a type 2 socket (to the EV) and another type 2 socket (to the dumb charger) where I replace the pilot signal to the car by what is generated by an openevse controller? I would like to avoid modifying the charger, as it does not belong to me, but a junction box like this is pretty innocent. Please let me know if the idea can work. Thanks Guido
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Hi Guido. There were some initiative's like that. I think that a product like this would be a game changer. Take a look at I would love to develop something like that.
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