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CSS vehicle simulator or "man in the middle" for Electrify America (EA)

I have a Hyundai Ioniq ZEV and for some crazy reason all Ioniq ZEVs communicate with the EA CSS stations as a 125kW Power level while in fact it only could pull a max of 75kW anyway. 

EA blames Hyundai and Hyundai is mum about it.

EA's 50/75kW prices are cool however with this small glitch the communications the 125kW upgrade is not cool.

I would like to 

1. Build a CSS vehicle simulator and check if EA is honest and if not probably start on a project towards a class action suite.

2. If EA is honest, design a translator that actually sends EA 75kW signal instead of the 125kW that EA says it gets

Nothing in the J1772 docs for Level1/2 mention the vehicle talking about what Amperage it will pull but maybe the CSS protocol does.

So any info in this direction would be appreciated.


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