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Building new Advanced Kit, have a couple of Qs

The instructions are kind of confusing because they seem to be for an earlier version, also (imho) could be better written for the home (non expert) builder.  However, it's not totally obscure and I'm muddling along.  I do have a couple of questions though.  I'm building for a 240v 60 amp circuit.

1) I saw a guy on Youtube test his EVSE kit on the bench by "somehow" attaching it to regular bench 120v with clip leads.  That would be nice!  Does anyone know how to do this safely?  Can you post a diagram or instructions?  His bench is cluttered and you can't really see what the jumper cable is doing.

2) I am planning to run a power line from a j-box (termination of 40 ft or so of heavy outdoor armoured cable) to the evse.  What gauge wire must I use and what would I call it when searching online or at the local builder's supply?  Dryer extension cord?

3) in the instructions it says that ONLY ONE WIRE must be run through the 2nd coil (the one without the orange wrapping wire).  Yet in the photos it looks to me like that 2nd coil has 2 wires running through it!  So which is it, one or two?

I'm really not an AC person (way more comfortable with logic level shifters than grounded outlets) so please forgive some ignorance here.  Really looking forward to charging my Chevy Bolt faster once I get this thing built, also not having to go through a long slow loop via Chevy to monitor/control the charging operation!

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De Clark,

1) It is best to test on the intended circuit. It is safer to test on the actual circuit than rigging up something special.

2) The Gauge may depend on local code and regulation. Typically 6AWG is okay for a 60A circuit, but other factors may need to be taken into consideration.

3) OpenEVSE cables use paired conductors so it is one wire pair, one hot set, 2 reds OR 2 blacks, etc. 

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