OpenEVSE proudly supported OhmConnect since its founding in 2013. 

The very first official OpenEVSE release v1.0 of our ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and firmware in 2015 included Ohm Connect support. OpenEVSE has supported OhmConnect continuously since, including our latest 5.x ESP32 firmware. 

Participating in Ohm Hour Events with your OpenEVSE stations is simple.

-Click this link or enter this address in your web browser: 

The response will include a lot of text in JSON format. At the very end is an address that looks like this:


-Enter your personal 8 Character key in your OpenEVSE station. OpnxEvSy In this example.

For fun: How does this work? Providing the best, simple and reliable support.

OpenEVSE checks your link with your code above once a minute. If there is an Ohm Hour the station will Sleep until the Ohm Hour is over.

Try it yourself in your web browser. Enter your personal link (example below) in your web browser:

The response will look like this:

Not currently an Ohm Hour

Ohm Hour