OpenEVSE monitors temperatures and throttles charge speed by 50% if temperature exceeds 65°C. If the temperature continues to climb to 72°C OpenEVSE will shutdown and display a SERVICE REQUIRED message.

Use of the station should be discontinued immediately and the station should be inspected.

The EV cable, input cable, relay and connectors should be inspected for signs of heat. Relay screw terminals should be tight and secure.

If signs of heat damage are observer such as melted insulation, the damaged wires should be cut until clean, shiny and undamaged, connectors should be re-crimped and relay screw terminals re-torqued. If the relay shows signs of heat discoloration it should be replaced.

Both Examples below show heat and melting due to loose screws securing the cables to the relay.

Example 1 -A loose screw caused increased resistance and heat. Heat damage can be seen along the wire. The wire should be cut back until clean an undamaged and the connector re-crimped.

Example 2 - Heat damage and discoloration is present on the lower contact R. This relay should be replaces. Three contacts look normal but the black wire on the lower right is melted. The issue is a loose screw. Heat damage can be seen both up the contact and along the black wire.