OpenEVSE includes a temperature throttling feature that slows charging by 50% if the temperature in the enclosure exceeds 65C. It is normal for a station to slow down for a few minutes after several hours of charging especially if the temperature is warm.

If the station shuts down with a Temperature Service Required message or throttles excessively the station should be inspected. High Power cables, crimped connectors and relay screws should be inspected and tightened.

OpenEVSE stations that are not exposed to direct sunlight typically run 3 - 8°C warmer than the air surrounding the station. The station internal temperature will rise and fall with daily and annual seasonal changes.

While charging the temperature inside the OpenEVSE enclosure will rise from the time charging starts and will peak after a couple hours. The amount of the temperature rise will increase as the charging current increases. Lower current results in lower temperatures and higher current results in higher temperatures.