Button Menu - firmware WiFi 4.0.1 and newer

The latest firmware for WiFi provides limited legacy button functionality. Additional features are planned.

Button Menu - Legacy firmware WiFi 3.3.1 and older

Menu options can be accessed with an optional push button switch or a touch button. The menu operates on Long press and Short press. 

All options are available in the "Ready" State. If a vehicle is connected only session options are available.

Long Press - Press and hold down

Short Press - Press and release

  • To access the menu Long press until the menu displays.
  • Scroll through the options with a Short press the button.
  • Select a value to change Long press.
  • Scroll through the available values for that particular option Short press.
  • Select the desired value Long press.

Button Menu Options

  • LCD Type (Monochrome, RGB)
    • Monochrome - Single Color LCDs
    • RGB - Red, Green, Blue LCDs
  • Service Level (L1, L2, Auto)
    • L1 - Level 1 Charging Only (120v)
    • L2 - Level 2 charging Only (200 - 240v) Recommended for International Users
    • Auto - Auto Detect L1 or L2
  • Default Current (Do not exceed 80% of Circuit/Breaker Rating)
  • Set Time (Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute) Requires RTC Clock - Deluxe Kit - Color LCD
  • Start Time (Hour, Minute) Requires RTC Clock - Deluxe Kit - Color LCD
  • Stop Time (Hour, Minute) Requires RTC Clock - Deluxe Kit - Color LCD

  • For Advanced users only with specific need. The following safety features are enabled by default. Do not disable under normal circumstances. Any disabled Safety Features will be displayed on every boot.
  • Vent Required (Enabled, Disabled)
  • Stuck Relay Check (Enabled, Disabled)
  • Ground Check (Enabled, Disabled)
  • GFCI Self Test (Enabled, Disabled)
  • Temperature Check (Enabled, Disabled)

  • Session Options
  • Charge Limit (add xxx kwh) Requires Current Measurement coil - Deluxe Kit
  • Time Limit (charge for xx minutes)