Basics of the J1772 standard.


Voltage Max Current
Level 1 (L1) 120VAC 16A max per J1772
Level 2 (L2) 208 - 240VAC 80A


Max Current

Duty Cycle Max Current
< 3% Error
3% - 7% Digitial Com Required
10% - 96% 6A - 80A
>96 Error

Pilot States


The proximity runs between the EV and the J1772 handle, some J1772 cordsets include 4 wires (AC Hot 1, AC Hot 2, Ground, Pilot) and some have 5 wires an additional to access the proximity circuit.

From the J1772 handle (not connected to vehicle) the proximity circuit should read about 150 ohms when measured from proximity to ground. When the button is pressed the reading should increase to about 480 ohms. The change in resistance signals the EV to stop pulling current. The relay in the EVSE will stay closed until the pilot is dropped however J1772 compliant EVs will stop pulling significant current.