OpenEVSE is designed to work on all SAEJ1772 and IEC 61851 Type 1 and 2 compatible EVs in the United States, Europe and Internationally. 

Voltages of 90 - 264v AC at 50 or 60hz are supported allowing OpenEVSE to operate all over the world. Single, Split  and 3 Phase Charging are supported.

OpenEVSE is known to be compatible with all production Plug in Vehicles supporting SAE J1772, IEC 61851 and Tesla charging standards. 

Known Issues

Vehicle with known issues:


YearMakeModelIssue Charging issueFeature IssueSolution
e-GolfVehicle does not follow State B to State C transition as defined in the SAE J1772 standard becoming unresponsive while waiting for the timer. NoneTimerOpenEVSE WiFi includes work around to disable/enable to wake up vehicle.